Saturday, May 18, 2013

Arrow of Light Award for Cub Scouts and 4-H Share the Fun...State Fair Here We Come!!!

You know, it's been so long, I forget the dates...but I believe this was in April. Anyway, Carter graduated from Weeblos II into Boy Scouts and he received the highest honor a Weeblo can receive, The Arrow Of Light Award.

Way to go Carter!!:) We're so proud of you and the young man you are becoming!

Also, in April was Share the Fun day for Butler County 4-H. Emily attended a workshop where you took a prom dress and made it into some other wearable piece of clothing. Grandma helped her finish and tweak what she and a friend had started. Then, she modeled it at Share the Fun, receiving Outstanding Construction. She isn't old enough to take it to State Fair, but I'd say she did pretty darn good!
She also performed one of her Pointe songs. One slight mishap where Al thought the song was over (she was pausing mid dance and holding a position) and stopped the music...And we are State Fair Bound!! I guess she'll have to keep dancing this summer :)!

Congratulations State Fair Winners!!! Especially to my amazing daughter!

A Trip to the Zoo in March...

Al's sister and family lives in Kansas and we were able to take a trip mid March to go and visit. We met at the Kansas City Zoo and it was 80 degrees on March 15!!! We wore shorts and flip flops! What a nice little get away! It was our own little Spring Break! And even if it wasn't a beach resort kinda place, it sure felt good to get away from the snow in Iowa, see family, and wear tank tops and flip flops! If only for a little while :).

This polar bear was fun to watch swim.
Casey's favorite animal were these monkeys...

You have to have the picture of taking a picture don't you?
Casey convinced Al to pose.
The elephants were Carter's favorite.

We did find one little spot of snow and had an impromtu snowball fight because we were so Hot! Go figure! Only in the Midwest. I would say Only in Iowa, but we were in Kansas :)
The Hippo was cool too.

Cousins who totally wanted their picture taken. Can't you tell?

Back at our cousin's house, Casey is all about tying stuffed animals (and really, if I am being honest, people) up...We had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and made peanut butter s'mores for dessert! Yummy! Such an enjoyable time.
Playing Jenga Boom and checking on the Ipad while the kids are busy :) cause you know the adults never get to play if the kids are around...

Later in the weekend we played a game of Apples to Apples and had a blast!! Sorry to our nephew Blaine, but you just never know about those Leerhoff's and what they are going to pick!:) Love you guys!

Monday, May 13, 2013

More birthday fun!

I seem to be struggling with getting our lives documented, but that doesn't mean that I'm not loving every crazy minute!! Carter's 11th birthday was March 13. Casey wanted to make Carter a picture frame and this is the photo he requested I take to put in it. Love my boys!
Even though part of Carter's gift this year was an Ipad mini that he also partially earned on his own, we still had fun with some other gifts like a mini remote control car that he can drive with his Ipad mini...

And the traditional birthday hunt!
Here's Emily helping with his birthday cake. He said surprise me Mom. Emily thought we should do Hello Kitty. I went for crazy! 

Carter had 3 friends overnight and we went to the movie, The Great and Powerful Oz! A fun time was had by all. They didn't quite make it staying up all night, but they gave it their all!:)
Love you Carter!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Party Fun!

     I haven't done much with the blog lately, but I think about it...I need to work on scheduling my time better. When I have a good book to read, everything else seems to go by the wayside. Including my housework!:)
     I read a facebook post of a friend the other day and she said she no longer had a baby because she turned one. Well, my BABY turned 7 recently! And then my mother in law said, think of me, my BABY turned 40! I guess
      Casey will always be my baby!!! For his birthday, we had 6 friends spend the night. We played in the snow, played funny games, watched movies, popped popcorn, built forts and had nerf gun fights! It was a great time!

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